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I'm Vijayendra Singh. I live in Dehradun. The website contains a wide variety of information related to my various interests. This website is a useful collection of text links to various categories.

I have my own electronics based business which can offer you a wide selection of electronic kits , for beginners as well as more advanced projects for students and experts. These type of projects can be helpful for college students as their final year project. We also provide GPS Synchronized Clocks for Schools, Universities, Factories, Offices, airports & hospitals etc. You can email me your requirements/queries at my email id .To visit youtube channel

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WORK: Here are the videos of some of the projects done by me recently. These are microcontroller related projects (AVR/8051).

These type of electronic projects/kits can be used by college students as their final year projects.




Custom Designed LED Signs 



Electronic Kits Development, Microcontroller 8051 programming, Visual Basic, CSS/HTML





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Here you can find everything about my beautiful hometown, Dehradun.


My hometown

Top schools in Dehradun

Top colleges in Dehradun

Top Universities in Dehradun

Electronics / Technology site for Students, Engineers & Programmers

Page of the day: My first Arduino Uno project blinking fading LEDS

Learn how to program Arduino. Sample arduino programs with examples

Electronics Circuits for beginners

ABC of Electronics

All electronics basics

Dehradun is one of the popular destinations for students in India.

(Doon Valley) - My hometown

All about Dehradun, My City

Everything about Dehradun 

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Nainital's incomparable beauty is it's beautiful lake


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Registry: Clean the registry. By cleaning it, you free up space for your system to runner smoother and quicker.

Check RAM: RAM is the acronym for Random Access Memory. It?s where a computer?s programs, operating system and data is stored so that it can be accessed.

File Fragmentation: Defrag your hard drive.Go to ?start,? then ?programs,? then ?accessories,? then ?System Tools,? then ?Disk Defrag.? Click ?Run.?

Spyware & Malware: There are many programs you can use to remove spyware, virsuses and other harmful files from your computer to help it run faster.

Simple Calc


4 things you should know about RECYCLE BIN

When you delete a file in Windows it is usually not permanently deleted. Instead, Windows moves the file to a special location called the Recycle Bin.

1.Only files deleted from fixed disks are sent to the Recycle Bin.

2.Files deleted from removable media, such as memory cards, USB & flash drives, external hard drives connected through a USB, and floppy disks, are not sent to the Recycle Bin, but are permanently deleted.

3.Emptying the Recycle Bin: To delete every file currently in the Recycle Bin, simply click the Empty the Recycle Bin button at the top of the Recycle Bin window.

Restoring Deleted Files: Select the files you wish to restore and then either click the Restore the selected items button on the top bar of the Recycle Bin window, or right click and select Restore.



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This site provides a wealth of technology information

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