Electronic Manufacturing Services

Semiconductor manufacturing services providers


         ASE Korea, Inc. - Assembly and testing services for sensor, wireless, and automotive semiconductors. Facilities in Asia, Europe, and USA. Site lists capabilities including test equipment used, and package datasheets are available in PDF.


         Cirtek Electronics Corporation - An independent subcontractor for semiconductor assembly, test and packaging services.


         Dolphin Technology Inc. - Provides a wide range of high performance, high speed silicon-IP. For designers, needing standard or custom IP such as memory, I/O, standard cell libraries, data path modules or analog blocks.


         Eltek Semiconductors Ltd - Procuring and processing semiconductor components in wafer, die and packaged form.


         First Level Inc. - Manufacturing service specializing in microelectronic packaging needs. Offering contract assembly in ESD protected clean rooms, COB, die attach, wirebonding, component pick and place, MCM, BGA, CSP, and flip chip.


         Honeywell Electronic Materials - Offers interconnect solutions and IC packaging specializing in on-chip semiconductor interconnects, including spin-on dielectrics and sputtering targets. Product and technology briefs, and a description of company's manufacturing cleanroom.


         Incide - A fabless design house focused on RF and high-speed digital integrated designs.


         Jade Precision Engineering Pte Ltd - Singapore-based company providing lead-frame stamping, milling, plating, and taping services for semiconductors. Company history, description of services, and photos of example products.


         PolarFab - Bipolar and BiCMOS wafer manufacturing processes. Bloomington, MN, USA.


         Prema Semiconductor - Fabricates analog and mixed-signal ICs


         Premier Semiconductor Services - Back-end services for commercial, aerospace, and military products including semiconductor taping, BGA balling, and baking.


          Promex Industries Inc. - Microelectronics technologies, specialty chip packaging, design, layout, materials expertise, process engineering for outsourced optoelectronics, microelectronics, chip packaging and manufacturing. From China.


         Protochips Inc. - Offers custom layout and fabrication services for emerging companies and university groups.


         Reltech Limited - European supplier of advanced semiconductor burn-in and reliability test systems.


         Satcon Electronics - Manufacturer standard and custom microelectronic assemblies, thin film substrates, semiconductor packaging and wire bonding. Company overview and list of capabilities.


         Sigurd Microelectronics Corporation - Provides semiconductor IC assembly and testing services.


         Silicon Infusion Limited - Provides single chip solutions for T1/E1/J1, DTMF, ADPCM, and many other telecommunications standards.


         Silterra Malaysia Sdn Bhd - Manufacturer of semiconductors and wafers. Headquarters in Kulim, Kedah, Malaysia.


         Tower Semiconductor LTD. - Independent foundry of semiconductor integrated circuits specializing in embedded nonvolatile memory, CMOS image sensors, and mixed signal devices. 0.35 micron and up. Israel.


         Valtronic - Manufacturers custom miniature modules and packaging, including chip-on-board, flip chip, chip-on-chip, and multichip modules. Include capabilities, and illustrated discussions of packaging technologies and processes.


            WaferTech - Wafer manufacturing, probing, assembly and final test. .25 micron. Fab in Washington State, USA.