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8051 Microcontrollers and its applications

8051 is one of the most popular microcontrollers in use today. 8051 is an important for anyone who wants to develop electronic products that will take advantage of microcontrollers. Example you can program an 8051 to glow LEDs or make a led sign board . You can make a security system for your house or a LED Clock. You can use an 8051 to control a stepper motor.

We can make our own pulse generator which can control relays or switches. Think of some project and try solving by help of Microcontrollers.


Important Features of 8051

8-bit ALU, Accumulator and 8-bit Registers; It is an 8-bit microcontroller
8-bit data bus means we can access 8 bits of data in one operation
16-bit address bus: means we can access 216 memory locations 64 KB (65536 locations) each of RAM and ROM
On-chip RAM 128 bytes (it is the data memory)
On-chip ROM 4 kByte (it is the program memory)

For more info on 8051

It has a Four byte bi-directional input/output port
UART (serial port)
2  -16-bit Counter/timers
2  - level interrupt priority
Power saving mode (on some derivatives)

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