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The circuit uses single 2051 chip, and relay or opto-triac output for driving AC load. source code with sdcc for 8051

FREE C Code & Circuits for PIC, 8051 & AVR MICRO

blitzlogic.com provide FREE C Code & circuits for 8-bit Microcontroller such as PIC, 8051 & AVR, Tools & Resources such as C Compilers, Programmers, Books

8051 microcontroller hardware interfacing tutorials circuits

8051 hardware interfacing tutorials.circuits schematics assembly C language programming for microcontroller.

8051 and 8052 « Microcontrollers « Circuits/Schematics Directory

The microcontroller is an Atmel AT89S8252, an 8051 clone. This microcontroller is in-circuit programmable using an SPI interface

Paul's Free 8051 Tools, Code and Projects

Free 8051 microcontroller resources, PAULMON - Easy To Use Monitor Program, AS31 Assembler, Development Circuit Board Design, Code Library

Circuits : 8051 Microcontroller Projects AVR PIC Projects

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8051 microcontroller - Electronic Circuits Projects Diagrams Free

i want to make a project on 8051 microcontroller based led. Can you to tell me about the circuit diagram, information on its working, and how to mount.

Sam's 8051 Page

Here you'll find bits and pieces to help with the 8051 family. There'll be snippets of code, tips, tricks, and circuit details

SIMPLE CIRCUITS - Free 8051 Microcontroller projects

This is a simple circuits for high current voltage regulator using IC LM78XX.

Dave Dunfield - 8051 In-Circuit Emulator

Dave Dunfield - 8051 In-Circuit Emulator. Period: Early 90s. The 8051 microcontroller is a good general purpose controller for small single chip

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